What should I do if my question is not listed here?

If your question is not listed in FAQs then feel free to contact us

Are the prices in your store indicated per carton or pack?

All prices in our stores are indicated for 1 Carton. In most cases 1 Carton contains 10 Packs

Do you share your customers’ information?

No, we do not share or sell our customers’ information to any person or agency. All the information is kept confidential and secret and is used only for shipping purposes.You can read more about Privacy Policy

Will I be asked for duty payments on my shipment(s)?

It cannot be guaranteed as in some countries the taxes are applied though it happens very rare. However, we offer you 100% money back guarantee if you refuse the shipment is all such cases where you have asked for the taxes.

Is it allowed legally to purchase cigarettes online?

Of course it is there is no law against the online purchase of tobacco products.

What if I purchase 3 cartons I receive only one of them after a week?

As one carton is shipped in one parcel and sometimes it happens that all the parcels do not reach to the destination together. The delay which may possibly occur in the large orders is 2-5 days in Europe and Mediterranean, and 5-10 days in the rest of the countries.

What is the quality of the cigarettes you offer?

We at Cheap Cigarettes, LLC sell the highest quality of European brand cigarettes available in market. Additionally, we offer a Quality Money Back Guarantee to assure you a full refund, if you are not satisfied with the quality of cigarettes you have purchased from us. Please note that the appearance of the pack may slightly different than that of the actual as the manufacturers sometimes change the designs of the packs.

Is there any country to which you do not deliver?

Good news! No we provide delivery in all the countries of the world.

When would I be charged after placing an order?

You will be charged within 3 working days after you place the order, while e-checks take 5-7 working days. If you are not charged within this time please contact us.

Is there any maximum purchase limit?

There are no such restrictions and it is dependent on the customers’ discretion that how much to be purchased. However for the first time customers can order for a maximum of 50 cartons. The cost is reduced on high purchases but you need to be aware of your local laws regarding the maximum purchase limit.

Can I make an order by telephone?

Sorry, we do not process telephonic orders.

Having problems with the order, how to return the money?

In this case, you need to urgently contact the Support Service. Our specialists will help you in solving the problem. You can also find information on Refunds Policy order.

Where do the orders come from?

Orders shipped from Ukraine can be split into several packages (up to 2-5 cartons per parcel), as desired or necessary. Considerations are ease of shipping or limiting quantities to resolve potential import tax issues. Due to customs regulations, multiple parcels will be sent on different days. The time between the ‘first mailed’ and the ‘last mailed’ parcel delivery averages 3 to 10 days.

WherI did not receive an answer to my question from your company?

All customer calls and e-mails to Cheap-Cigarettes.org are replied to within 72 business hours. If you have not received a response to your e-mail within that time frame, check your Spam or Junk files and make sure your ISP or e-mail settings are not blocking the messages we send. If you cannot determine the cause, try using another e-mail address to communicate with us.

I want to cancel my order?

You can cancel or amend your order within 24-48 hours from the time your order was placed. Send us an e-mail explaining the reason you changed your mind regarding your planned purchase, and a customer support representative will be glad to assist you.

How soon after payment will I receive my order?

All orders will be shipped via EMS. Average delivery time is 1-3 weeks from shipping date. Delivery times depend on many factors, but primarily on how quickly the appropriate EMS sorting facilities handle your parcel(s). This is beyond our control. Thus, in the event there is a delay in the delivery of your order, we kindly ask you to contact us for detailed information on the status of your package.

I made an order and want to change it?

On submitting your order, you will receive an Order Confirmation via email to confirm it has been received. Please note that orders are processed and shipped within 24-72 hours; within that time frame, you have the opportunity to review your order and to make any changes to or update your postal address, or items on order. In such cases, you must immediately send an e-mail to Cheap-Cigarettes.org with your changes. Please enclose the following information in your email regarding changes to your order.

-Your Order Number
-Describe the issue in detail
-Indicate if you are requesting either a refund or replacement