Cigarette and Black Friday Sales

Cigarette and Black Friday Sales

If you are someone who buys cigarettes then you must always be on the lookout for great deals and promotions. Price ranges of cigarettes vary and depending on the brand you prefer, you can always look out for different types of sales such as the black Friday sales to get great offers on the brand you love and trust.

Cigarettes Payment Method

Payment Method

Did you know that almost 95% of online cigarette stores are illegal? Yes, you read it correctly! This is the reason most of them do not accept payments from Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. So, if you are looking to buy cigarettes online, finding a legal, reputable, and the trusted store becomes difficult. This is where we come on!

Where to Buy Menthol Cigarettes in the UK?

Menthol Cigarettes the Europe and UK

The new anti-smoking laws in the UK came into force on May 20th, 2020, and a whole new set of changes, bans, and restrictions were imposed via these laws. One of the provisions that disappointed people the most was the ban on menthol cigarettes. The lawmakers suggested that menthol cigarettes are harmful to human health, although there has been no substantial evidence to back this claim. Needless to say, the unreasonable ban on menthol cigarettes irked the masses.

Sobranie Cigarettes: An Elegant Choice

Sobranie Cigarettes

While some resort to it simply to pass the time, others smoke to reduce stress and anxiety. No matter your reason for smoking, the brand of cigarettes you choose to smoke tells a lot about you. Sobranie cigarettes are a reputable brand with a significant fan following in the US and Europe.

Craving for a smoke? Get your cigarettes online now.

Buy Cigarettes Online Shop

Most smokers are aware of the enormous hole cigarettes make in their pockets. The cost is further increased if you purchase them from a neighborhood store or the local gas station. This is why we recommend that you buy cigarettes online. Not only are they available at discounted prices, but there are many other advantages of getting cigarettes online.

Are real cigarettes better than electronic cigarettes? A Comparison

vape or cigarettes

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, it is indeed a great thing. But steer clear of vaping, an alternative that people believe is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Is it true? Not at all. Vaping comes with its share of risks which we believe might be more harmful than smoking a cigarette.

Winston Cigarettes: The Choice of Elegance


Cigarettes have been around for a long time and they have also undergone significant transformations and developments in terms of variety, flavors, etc. Winstons cigarettes are one of the most highly rated cigarette brands in the US that have achieved widespread popularity among cigarette aficionados.

Newport Menthol 100’s

Newport Menthol

Flavoured cigarettes deliver a unique experience coupled with a cooling effect, which makes them a super hit among millennials. The cooling effect provided by menthol cigarettes often stimulates nerve endings that detect cool temperatures. This is one of the reasons why the throat irritation and coughing experienced by smoking a regular cigarette is reduced.

Stop War in Ukraine

On 24th February 2022, Ukraine was invaded by the Russian military in an attempt to prevent the former from joining NATO. While tensions have always been high between the two countries, things escalated pretty quickly this year. The world witnessed and continues to witness some of the most devastating conditions as the war heads into its 5th month. A fight between the politicians and political organizations in both countries has turned into direct oppression of the civilians. This includes small children and older people.

Everything you need to know about Marlboro Gold Cigarettes

Marlboro Gold Cigarettes

Although cigarettes are bad for your health as they contain some of harmful chemicals. Today, we are going to review the all-time classic cigarette, Russian Marlboro Gold. This review is specifically for smokers and includes everything you need to know about the Russian Marlboro Gold.