The Karelia Tobacco Company Inc – Largest Tobacco Manufacturer in Greece

Karelia Cigarettes

Cigarettes have been a successful conversation starter since their advent in the early sixteenth century. Something about the act of smoking becoming easy and convenient made the idea of cigarettes in social situations all the more appealing.

There are different types of cigarettes in production across the world. Some of them have won people over after only a few years of business. Karelia’s is one such brand.

About Karelia – History and Centre of Production

Karelia cigarettes are a product by the Karelia Tobacco Company which originated in Greece. It was established by the first generation of the Karelia family as a small-town tobacco business in 1888, and now, it is the largest producer of cigarettes in Greece.

This small-town tobacco business spent the first few decades after its foundation generating tobacco products largely for their region. Karelia cigarettes soon became popular after they spread their wings across the country during the 1950s.

The Karelia Tobacco Company has spent the last one hundred and thirty years honing its craft to produce one of the finest cigarettes in the industry. The family business of tobacco established in the 1800s in Kalamata has now become the largest exporter of tobacco products in Greece.

Furthermore, at this point, they devote over 87% of their products to the international market. Since 2000, the KareliaTobacco Company has planted many subsidiaries in different places such as the UK, Bulgaria, and Turkey to develop the brand’s name.

Respectively, these countries have subsidiaries from Karelia named Karelia Tobacco Company (U.K.) Ltd., Karelia Bulgaria EOOD, and Karelia Tütün ve Ticaret A.S. As of now, the brand is supplying tobacco products to about 65 countries all across the world and has generated a revenue of 1.4 Billion USD.

Tastes of Karelia

Karelia has represented a significant name for smokers all over the world. It has a versatile catalog of every product one could think of. Think of products like cigarettes, hand-rolled tobacco, rolling paper, or cigarillos; they have their name on them.

Today we’ll keep our focus on cigarettes and look at the variety of cigarettes they produce. They are as follows:

  • George Karelias and Sons Excellence
  • George Karelias and Sons
  • Karelia Slims
  • Omé
  • Rex
  • Karelia Family
  • Karelia Blue
  • Karelia White
  • Karelia Royal
  • Karelia Yellow
  • American Legend
  • Leader
  • Traditional brands: Karelia Filter Kasetina, Karelia Agriniou, Rex

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Karelia cigarettes are produced while prioritizing the customers’ needs. The production team reserves all of its attention to quality and satisfaction. The manufacturing facilities are spearheaded by people regardless of their caste, creed, or ethnicity.

The Karelia Tobacco Company has opened up the world for bigger opportunities for people who are dedicated to their work. The taste of Karelia has evolved over the century because of such individuals taking equal participation seriously in the workplace.

Furthermore, the production process from the very beginning to the end is streamlined to perfection. From sourcing the finest ingredients to produce tobacco leaves to packaging, every part of the process is designed in a manner that’s committed to innovation.

Popularity Across the Globe

The Karelia Tobacco Company grew into an established brand worldwide after its first triumphant stride in Greece. They have an area of about 80,000 square meters to their name in Kalamata where they create their products.

The sales and marketing buildings of Karelia are located in the Karelia Athens Building. Their products entered the Athens Stock Exchange in 1976 and from then on, they were sold under the name Karelia Brothers.

The Karelia Tobacco Company’s production of fine tobacco, rolling papers, cigarillos, and hand-rolling tobacco has put them on the map as one of the biggest, most successful brands when it comes to the smoking population of the world.

After they entered the stock market, they started producing a product called RJ Reynolds., now called Winston. During their partnership with Japan Tobacco International, they started producing and distributing the Camel brand as well.

In 1991, the corporation was finally named The Karelia Tobacco Company Inc. Today, The Karelia Tobacco Company contributes to the Greece tobacco market as the largest manufacturer and exporter of cigarettes.

Apart from its many offices in Greece, it has a widespread sales networking market that leads to 26,000 sales. Currently, the annual sales turnover of The Karelia Tobacco Company is 876 million euros.

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