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In accordance with industry regulations and state and local laws, does not sell tobacco products for purchase by children. When accessing our site, all users are asked to verify that they are eighteen (18) years of age or older. We specifically require an “adult signature” upon delivery of all tobacco purchases.

Products sold on our site are for personal use of customers, NOT FOR RESALE.

We offer a wide range of cigarettes manufactured in Europe, and clove cigarettes manufactured in Ukraine. The country of origin is clearly indicated on the package you will receive.

IMPORTANT: You hereby agree to contact us first, should any problems arise with your order – without initiating any dispute of that same order with your credit card/bank issuer. We reserve the right to correct any problems without involving a third party or otherwise interfering with the sale process, or the normal order of business.


Any U.S. consumer who purchases goods from a supplier based outside the United States automatically becomes an importer. According to U.S. laws, that buyer must assure that the products shipped into the U.S. comply with all federal and state rules and regulations. As importation and tax rules differ from state to state, and can often change, Сheap-С cannot offer any specific tax advice or predict how much import tax you may have to pay; nor can we offer any guarantees related to this issue. We can only guarantee to our customers that there are no sales taxes or hidden charges due on our behalf, or paid by us and incorporated into the pricing.

In the event the customer is taxed on receiving his or her order, the customer must decide whether to pay the necessary charge(s), or refuse the order. In a situation where the order is refused and returned to us unopened, the customer may either receive a refund (excluding shipping charges), or can opt for the order to be resent in a manner that will not incur taxation (for example, by reducing the quantities sent in a single package, or by reducing the order of specific items or products that may have triggered an import tax).

KEEPING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION SECURE respects your privacy as a purchaser, and is equally committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors. We do not collect or store information about you, or use Cookies or any other tracking technology. We will not provide any personal information to third parties. Information you voluntarily give to us is only used to effectively transact mutual business, and to properly service your account with us.

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