Are real cigarettes better than electronic cigarettes? A Comparison

Smoking Cigarettes vs. E-Cigarettes

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, it is indeed a great thing. But steer clear of vaping, an alternative that people believe is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Is it true? Not at all. Vaping comes with its share of risks which we believe might be more harmful than smoking a cigarette.

For one, e-cigarettes will not make it easier for you to quit smoking. Research now shows that smoking e-cigarettes lead to developing an addiction to vaping. While we do not condone smoking traditional cigarettes, vaping as its replacement might be an even worse idea.

To top it off, electronic cigarettes contain toxic chemicals, whereas traditional cigarettes are made from real tobacco leaves. A majority of e-cigarettes contain chemicals such as freebase nicotine or nicotine salts. Others have vitamin E acetate. E-cigarettes also emit a vapor that comprises formaldehyde, diacetyl, benzene, carcinogens, and various heavy metals. It is better to smoke cigarettes than vaping because the vitamin E acetate contained in e-cigarettes has led to cases of lung damage and deaths.

Want to hear some more harmful effects of vaping? The list is unending, and the sweet-scented nature of e-cigarettes can often make you overlook these. For example, studies have shown that vaping increases the chances of heart attack, coronary artery disease, and even depression or anxiety. Moreover, a very thin membrane lines the blood vessels known as the endothelium, and e-cigarettes can damage it over time.

While traditional cigarettes were the source of addiction earlier, it has been largely observed now that the youth is developing an addiction to vaping. To smoke cigarettes is harmful, no doubt, but to vape all the time and inhale all those toxic chemicals is no party for the organs of your body. For non-smokers, vaping has also proven to act as a gateway to tobacco cigarettes.

Switching to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes is not going to benefit you much. On the contrary, it might even end up causing more harm. For example, Vaping affects blood cholesterol as it impacts the lipids and glucose in the blood.

Traditional cigarettes help reduce stress, anxiety, and relaxation, something that vaping might not be able to achieve as easily. It is also a good way to reduce or control hypertension as the blood vessels in your throat get tightened. So if you like to smoke cigarettes, you can rest assured that the chances of high blood pressure will be lesser.

As opposed to vaping, smoking real cigarettes may also reduce your chances of becoming obese. You might lose some weight if you are a frequent smoker or what is also known as chain smoking.

People bond over smoking; not smoking e-cigarettes but the traditional ones. It often acts as an icebreaker. It is a great instrument for socializing with friends and even being accepted into social groups. If you are looking for ways to fit into a group, smoking cigarettes and not e-cigarettes is what will come in handy.

Another benefit of smoking tobacco-infused cigarettes is that it reduces the impact of Parkinson’s. The nicotine in cigarettes reduces the chances of getting Parkinson’s by almost 41%. While the harmful effects of smoking traditional cigarettes are much higher than not smoking, e-cigarettes are not the answer or a suitable replacement. It leads to another kind of addiction.


Vaping has been trending for quite some time now, especially among the youth. Unfortunately, the trend has turned into an addiction for many. Smokers feel that switching to e-cigarettes will be beneficial and a suitable replacement for traditional cigarettes but a lot of research and studies have proven otherwise. This article was an attempt to inform you about the many risks of vaping and how traditional smoking of cigarettes is better in many ways.