Sobranie Cigarettes: An Elegant Choice

Cigarettes Sobranie

Smoking is a part of everyday life for many people. While some resort to it simply to pass the time, others smoke to reduce stress and anxiety. No matter your reason for smoking, the brand of cigarettes you choose to smoke tells a lot about you. Therefore, it’s always wiser to purchase cigarettes manufactured by reputed companies, even if they are slightly more expensive than the cheap ones that can cause actual harm. Sobranie cigarettes are a reputable brand with a significant fan following in the US and Europe.

  • A brief history of the exquisite brand

The first Sobranie cigarette dates back to 1879 when Russian diplomats in London frequently smoked them. Russian Noble Assembly was a closed circle at the time, and Sobranie cigarettes were specially issued for them. Produced by the Redstone family in London, these cigarettes are still equally popular in the city. However, the sophisticated circles that smoked them years ago created its brand name.

In the 1870s, Sobranie cigarettes were made to order and were extremely expensive. St. James was one of the poshest parts of London, and the aristocratic circles were regular customers of the brand. The quality of the cigarettes was high, primarily to cater to this class of smokers. The tobacco was rolled by hand and sold in that condition. Gradually the brand gained popularity in other parts of Europe, and thus, the saga of Sobranie cigarettes began.

Sobranie cigarettes maintain their distinguished status as it’s still not a brand sold in every other cigarette shop. It still caters to only a select few and has become a style statement for many.

  • Process of making Sobranie Cigarettes

The Gallaher Group is the current producer of Sobranie cigarettes. The company has a good reputation for manufacturing various other cigarettes as well. Only the highest quality materials are used to make the Sobranie cigarettes. Varieties of fragrant tobacco come from countries like South America, Turkey, and Greece. This gives this unique mixture its pleasant taste that stays with people who find it difficult to switch back to other brands after smoking a Sobranie.

  • Types of Sobranie Cigarettes

There are many types of cigarettes manufactured by this luxury brand. The most common are Sobranie Cocktail and Sobranie Black Russian. These are mainly in demand due to their unique color combinations and premium taste. Sobranie cigarettes also produce longer variations which are catered to women mostly. These cigarettes have many similarities with Nat Sherman’s Fantasia. Here are the other types of Sobranie cigarettes available in the markets of the US and Europe:

  1. Sobranie Classic Сigarettes (Tar – 14 mg; Nicotine – 1 mg)
  2. Sobranie Classic Lights (Tar – 10 mg; Nicotine – 0.01 mg)
  3. Sobranie Black Russian (Tar – 7 mg; Nicotine – 0.7 mg)
  4. Sobranie White Russian (Tar – 8 mg; Nicotine – 0.01 mg)
  5. Sobranie Cocktail (Tar – 5 mg; Nicotine – 0.5 mg)
  6. Sobranie Blue (Tar – 5 mg; Nicotine – 0.01 mg)
  7. Sobranie Mints (Tar – 5 mg; f- 0.5 mg)
  8. Sobranie Pinks (Tar – 5 mg; Nicotine – 0.01 mg)
  9. Sobranie Whites (Tar – 1 mg; Nicotine – 0.01 mg)
  10. Sobranie Yellow (citrus menthol) (Tar – 5 mg; Nicotine – 0.5 mg; Carbon Monoxide 5 mg)
  11. Sobranie Gold (Tar – 4 mg; Nicotine – 0.04 mg; Carbon Monoxide 5 mg)

Why are Sobranie Cigarettes so popular in the US and Europe?

Sobranie cigarettes are trendy among women and are believed to cater to women mainly. Proof of this lies in the exquisite colors used in designing the cigarette and the pack in which it comes. It’s not just the elegant appearance but also the mild, unique taste of the cigarettes, which women tend to find appealing. The cigarettes have a luxurious and chic style.

The box of the Sobranie cigarette cocktail is a shiny pink, and there are colorful cigarettes inside. Gold-plated paper is used on the filter to add that touch of sophistication to it. One can also find the Sobranie emblem on the filter. Compared to other cigarettes, these are significantly longer and sleeker. In addition, they come with two perforation rings. The taste and aroma of the cigarettes will surely appeal to people who like light cigarettes and not the heavy kind.

You will feel the high quality of the tobacco used as you smoke the cigarettes. It’s refined and a genuinely luxurious experience. A tobacco variety of Virginia is used to manufacture them; that is one of the top-quality tobacco available. In addition, Sobranie cigarettes are mostly not flavored, which is a benefit as artificial flavors and aromas can cause more harm to the body.

  • Conclusion

Sobranie Cigarettes remains a unique brand to date. It has maintained its individuality, standing out among a sea of cigarette brands competing to establish a monopoly in the tobacco industry. While we do not recommend smoking at all, if you do it anyway, it’s best to go with a brand that has made its mark with supreme quality tobacco, beautiful designs, sleek build, and overall marker of sophistication.

What the aristocrats smoked back in the day has become a status symbol today, and rightly so. Anybody holding a Sobranie Cigarette between their fingers adds it to their overall style statement, and people are bound to appreciate the elegance these cigarettes bring to one’s personality. As a result, Sobranie cigarettes have found a niche market in the US and Europe, and it is most likely to grow in popularity in the following years.