Where to Buy Menthol Cigarettes in the Europe?

Buy Menthol Cigarettes Europe

The new anti-smoking laws in the UK came into force on May 20th, 2020, and a whole new set of changes, bans, and restrictions were imposed via these laws. One of the provisions that disappointed people the most was the ban on menthol cigarettes. The lawmakers suggested that menthol cigarettes are harmful to human health, although there has been no substantial evidence to back this claim. Needless to say, the unreasonable ban on menthol cigarettes irked the masses.

Menthol is one of the most popular cigarette flavors not just in the Europe but across the world. Menthol cigarettes, when rolled out in the Europe a couple of years ago, became an absolute hit among the masses. Let’s have a look at why menthol cigarettes are so popular in the first place:

What Makes Menthol Cigarettes So Popular?

Flavored cigarettes have a charm of their own – they are your normal cigarettes but have an enhanced flavor thanks to the additive elements. These cigarettes eliminate the bad breath aspect that comes with smoking regular cigarettes and hence are more popular than them.

There are different flavors when it comes to flavored cigarettes – right from candy and chocolate to herbal and fruity; there are a bunch of flavors available out there. Apart from these flavors, most flavored cigarettes come with an additional element – menthol. Menthol is an element naturally found in peppermint and can also be generated in the laboratory. When added to flavored cigarettes, menthol not only ensures you have fresh, minty breath but also works as a coolant that soothes your throat when you inhale tobacco smoke.

Thanks to these key benefits they offer, menthol cigarettes are popular not just among youngsters but people across all age groups. The menthol cigarette represents 10% of the worldwide cigarette market and 21% of the Europe market. And just when menthol cigarettes had secured a major chunk of the overall sales in tobacco industries, the ban was introduced, ratting not just those who preferred menthol cigarettes but also the industries manufacturing them.

Impact of the Ban on Tobacco Companies

As menthol cigarettes were super popular in the Europe, tobacco companies produced bulk quantities of these cigarettes to cater to the rising demands in the country. They also aggressively marketed this product, as it was, no doubt, one of the best and unique products of the tobacco industry. The ban on menthol cigarettes was not acceptable to the tobacco companies, as it completely restricted the sale of their top-selling product – menthol cigarettes.

These companies tried to circumvent their way across the new laws but to no avail. The main idea of the tobacco companies was to find out a clever way to continue the manufacturing and sale of menthol cigarettes. Still, unfortunately, there were no loopholes in the new laws enforced.

What Next? Can You Still Find Menthol Cigarettes Europe?

The menthol cigarettes offered people just what they wanted – the right kick courtesy of nicotine present in the cigarette, and the menthol element, which ensured their breath was perfect even after a smoke. And that’s why cigarettes became a wild craze in the Europe. An unreasonable ban on one of the most popular products in the country wasn’t justified at all.

While the whole idea of these provisions is to make smoking less accessible and popular among youngsters, it is important to note that people who love menthol cigarettes have already started looking for alternative ways to access the cigarettes and purchase them. It didn’t take the masses a long time to figure out that their all-time favorite menthol cigarettes were available online!

So now, people who love menthol cigarettes actually purchase them online from stores outside Europe. So why are menthol cigarettes banned in the Europe? The die-hard fans of menthol cigarettes did not settle for alternatives to menthol cigarettes – rather, they looked for and already found their way around the unjust law and are now smoking their favorite cigarette in the Europe – a country where the cigarettes are neither produced nor sold! A perfect way to evade the new anti-smoking laws, isn’t it?

Summing Up

If you’ve been a huge fan of menthol cigarettes (like many of them out there) and cannot think of yourself smoking anything else other than these flavored cigarettes, it’s time to look them up online! You’ll find a couple of top brands selling quality menthol cigarettes on easily accessible platforms! Go check them out right away!