Everything you need to know about Marlboro Gold Cigarettes

Marlboro Gold Cigarettes

Although cigarettes are bad for your health as they contain some of harmful chemicals. Today, we are going to review the all-time classic cigarette, Marlboro Gold. This review is specifically for smokers and includes everything you need to know about the Marlboro Gold.

Now, you must be wondering that why we should trust me for the Marlboro Gold review. The reason for this is because I have smoked multiple brand generic cigarettes. It includes American Marlboro Gold, American LM in a blue pack, and American Parliament. And in this world, nothing is more valuable than experience, and based on this experience, I know what Marlboro Gold should taste like.

Other than that, all the cigarettes that I have smoked over the course of years all taste the same and are not entirely different when or unique when compared to one other. Now, before talking about the flavor and certain traits of Marlboro Gold, we are going to talk about a number of specific things.

History of Marlboro Gold

Marlboro Gold is one of the most popular cigarettes smoked across the world. But before we dive deep into the explicit details about the cigarette, I want to tell you a bit about its history. Before being known as Marlboro Gold, the cigarettes were known as Marlboro Lights.

The label on the box also had Marlboro Lights written on them. But in June 2010, the authorities made a new rule which stated that no cigarettes would be referred to as Lights or Mild.

The reason for doing this was that the authorities did not want cigarette companies or manufacturers to persuade people that some cigarettes are lighter than others. In the smoking world, the term light means that these cigarettes contain far fewer toxic chemicals. And do less damage.

Anyways, this law was successfully passed, and this is why now no cigarettes have Lights or Mild or anything such written on their box. Hence, Marlboro Lights are now called Marlboro Gold.

However, this rule did not alter the Marlboro Gold packaging. The packaging of Marlboro Gold is still the same as that was of Marlboro Lights. Moreover, it was not just for Marlboro Gold.

The box of all the previously known as Light of Mild cigarettes use distinctive light colors. Marlboro Gold’s box color consists of pure white with a blend of exquisite yellow.

The color of the Marlboro Gold is unique, and this is another reason that many smokers are attracted to cigarettes. Other than that, you must know that Marlboro Gold was previously manufactured or produced in Germany. It was stated on its box as well.

But now, all these explicit details mentioning where it is manufactured how it is manufactured, have been removed from the Marlboro cigarette box.

However, the fact is that was never manufactured in Germany but was packed there. Now the Marlboro Golds are being produced in a tributary in Russia, known as Izhora.

Expected taste of Marlboro Gold

As mentioned earlier, I have smoked numerous branded cigarettes, therefore, I can tell you what type of taste you can expect when smoking the Marlboro Gold. In my experience, you should expect a bit creamy flavor, almost like a hint of vanilla. However, it is not the sweet vanilla that you are familiar with.

Other than that, you can expect the Marlboro Gold cigarettes to be non-irritable, which means these brand generic cigarettes would not hurt your throat or have a harsh throat hit. As the Marlboro Gold cigarettes are significantly lighter, they are mild.

Furthermore, as the Marlboro is a top of a line cigarette, it should provide a smooth flow and be pretty enjoyable.

Not only this, in my opinion, the Marlboro Gold should also consist of green apple blended with the finest and cleanest Virginia or flue-cured tobacco and bread tones. All these blends of exquisite flavors would make your experience splendid and pleasant.

As the cigarettes are pretty light and do not irritate the throat, they are perfect for beginners, but we do not recommend anyone to start smoking.

Other than that, people when smoking the Marlboro Gold should keep in mind these cigarettes would not provide a hard hit. Or have an enormous subduing effect as they are not the strong cigarettes of the Marlboro family.

Indicators of the Marlboro Gold

The indicators of the Gold Marlboro mean how much tar, nicotine, and other substances are present in the Russian Gold Marlboro cigarettes. Some of the indicators of the Marlboro Gold are:

• tar 6 mg
• nicotine 0.5 mg
• CO 7

However, as stated previously all these indicators and all the related information has been disapproved by the authorities that they should be labeled specifically on the Marlboro Gold cigarette box.

As you can see, the quantities of different substances are not exceedingly large, they are not for hardcore smokers or chain smokers. Other than that, you must know that these indicators are removed from all the cigarettes boxes and not merely from the Marlboro Gold cigarettes.

Now, as it is a detailed review of the Marlboro Gold, I would like to tell you about the design of the cigarettes.

Design of the Marlboro Gold

Like any other cigarettes from the Marlboro family, the Marlboro Gold cigarettes are premium-class cigarettes. Hence, the manufacturers have shown great enthusiasm in designing these cigarettes aesthetically pleasing.

First of all, there is a valve or you can say filter that is the key component of not only the Marlboro Gold premium class cigarettes but of all the cigarettes of the Marlboro family. Furthermore, the filter of cigarette is manufactured in a specific manner that provides smooth smoke flow.

The type of filter present in the Marlboro Gold is a double filter, otherwise known as a Recessed Filter. The recessed filter in the Marlboro Gold stops the excessive chemicals from flowing into your mouth, and lungs such as nicotine and tar. Hence, it is why there is a subtle throat hit. Moreover, all this helps you to take deeper puffs and smoke without any inconvenience.

The filter or valve present in the Marlboro Gold cigarettes effectively stop the large particles of tar. Although the Marlboro Golds have a subtle amount of tar, the beautifully crafted filter makes sure that you do not inhale excessive tar.

The best part about the filter of the Marlboro Gold is that the filter of this cigarette is of top-notch quality. The filter is made of the finest materials, including papers and rayon. Moreover, it comprises carbon-crumbled acetate fiber, which does not cause any odd sensation in your mouth when you smoke these premium quality cigarettes.

Other than that, each filter or valve present in the Marlboro Gold cigarettes is made of thousands of tiny fibers, which traps the harmful chemicals so that you do not smoke them in excess.

Regular acetate fiber and a cardboard mouthpiece are also the key components of the filter having a double-filtered function. All this does not change the true and existing flavor of the Marlboro Gold filter cigarettes. But it reduces the damage.

The components of the filter of the Marlboro Gold are as same as another premium class cigarette, American Parliament. But the main difference is that the filter present in the Marlboro Gold is relatively firm than that of the American Parliament.

You can say that the filter of the Marlboro Gold cigarettes is the primary feature of this cigarette, which makes this cigarette a classic cigarette of all time. The design and color of the filter are aesthetically pleasing as well.

The color of the filter present in the Marlboro Gold cigarettes is white. Moreover, there is also a golden color line present on the filter. Above this line, “Firm Filter Marlboro” is embedded, which makes it stand out from the rest of Marlboro cigarettes.

The visually pleasing design attracts many smokers from all around the world. Many smokers have agreed that the design of the Marlboro Gold filer cigarettes is unique and incomparable.

Till now, I have told you all about the design and the functionalities of the filter present in the Marlboro Gold. Now, I would like to tell you about the whole design of the Marlboro Gold premium class filter cigarettes.

The rest of the cigarette is off-white and less white than its filter, and the paper used in the manufacturing of the cigarette (except filter) is of very light quality. The paper is so light, that you can see the brown stuff inside the cigarette.

Nevertheless, its manufacturers have not compromised on the quality of the overall cigarettes, and the light paper used in the manufacturing process does not alter the performance of the Marlboro Gold cigarettes.

The white color of the Marlboro Gold with its exquisitely designed filter is the signature of these premium class cigarettes. Now, I would talk about the hurdles that you can face while taking out the Marlboro Golds from the box.

Difficulties when taking the cigarette out of the box

To take out the cigarette from its box, you need to open the fully open top of the box, which is also known as the crown. But before it, you must remove the plastic on the box to discover the hidden cardboard box which lies underneath the plastic.

In a true sense, it is not hidden, and you can see it below the plastic. But without removing the plastic you would not be able to open the pack. Furthermore, opening it half would not do the job, and you might damage or break your cigarette.

Other than that, you must be cautious when opening the pack of the Marlboro Gold cigarette as it can be damaged easily, and you can drop all your precious cigarettes. So, make sure to open them carefully if you want to enjoy the filter cigarettes hassle-free.

How much does a pack of Marlboro Gold cost?

There are 20 class A cigarettes in a Marlboro Gold box. The box of cigarettes cost around 170 Rubles. However, to be specific, the cig box is 169 Rubles. However, nowadays, the quality of cigarettes is indirectly proportional.

However, we would talk about the costs of the Marlboro Gold in detail some other time. But to tell you the truth, I had never imagined that I would be purchasing cigarettes more than 100 Rubles, though it seems like my inner instincts were wrong.

Some Extra Details

I have been a hardcore fan of Russian cigarettes and am looking for every opportunity to defend the Russian cigarettes. But nowadays, it seems like it is exceedingly strenuous for me. The reason for this is because the Russian cigarettes seem to be inclining the cost graph while declining the quality graph. 

Moreover, the strength of the cigarettes is also not up to the mark, and therefore this has led me to browse hours on the internet to find the cigarettes filled with premium grade tobacco. 

In short, smoking regular cigarettes has become challenging, and therefore, a way to spend all your savings. These days regular cigarettes have no class, no taste, and no subduing effect. The purpose of cigarettes has been demolished by these regular cigarettes. 

Till now, I have told you about the specific details about the Marlboro Gold class A cigarettes. Moreover, I have also told you about why Russian cigarettes are no longer my taste. Now I would like to tell you how the Marlboro Gold actually tastes like.

What about the taste of Marlboro Gold cigarettes?

The most important factor that matters to those who love smoking is the taste of Marlboro gold cigarettes. The taste of Marlboro gold cigarettes feels different when you smoke them however the actual taste of Marlboro is somewhat similar as well. Marlboro gold cigarettes have a very different taste as compared to the smell of Marlboro gold cigarettes.

The Marlboro gold cigarettes mainly smell like apples and Virginia. The aromatics of apple and Virginia gives a thought to the smokers for a good taste. But the Marlboro gold cigarettes do not taste like apples. However, the smell of Marlboro cigarettes is very tasteful and attractive that makes the customers want more and smoke. The Marlboro gold cigarettes are mainly known for the rich blend of tobacco and its different variants. Several types of cigarettes do not have the quality blending of tobacco. But while you smoke the Marlboro gold cigarettes you are definitely going to taste the rich and top-notch quality of blended tobacco. When you are going to light your cigarette, things are either too good or not too good. You either get what you expect or you have the worst experience ever.

Mild Taste:

The Marlboro gold cigarettes are mostly known for their mild and light taste. The Marlboro gold cigarettes are ideal for those people or smokers who like to smoke light and mild cigarettes. Since the Marlboro gold cigarettes are mild and less strong smokers who like strong after taste will not be able to adjust to the taste of Marlboro gold cigarettes.

  Hence, the Marlboro gold cigarettes are mainly for the smokers who are into mild, light, and yet effective cigarettes.

Similarity of the Taste:

The taste of the Marlboro gold cigarettes is somehow similar to the parliament. It has an essence of creaminess and which is mostly mixed with burnt paper. Such mixtures give a different sensation and ultimately taste like apple and creamy yet bitter to some extent as well. The Marlboro gold cigarettes are also known for the bread notes as well.

The strength of Marlboro gold cigarettes is not much and very high. Instead, the strength of the Marlboro gold cigarettes is quite normal and average.

The Marlboro cigarettes are not very strong and this fact makes them ideal cigarettes for the newbies and recent smokers. However, if we talk about what the chain smokers feel when they smoke the Marlboro gold cigarettes then I would say just a little tingling sensation. The fact that Marlboro cigarettes are not very strong and hard due to such reasons a chain smoker will only feel like mild sensation in their throat.

• The effect of the Marlboro gold cigarette is not ever lasting and develops the urge or needs to be smoked within or after every 30 minutes. With such a mild and average taste, the Marlboro gold cigarettes are not suitable for the chain smokers.

• If we dive deep into the details of the Marlboro gold cigarettes then, each tube of cigarettes contains several types of tobacco. The first and most detectable tobacco that is present in the Marlboro gold cigarette is the Virginian tobacco.

• The Virginian tobacco is mainly known for the sweet and sugary taste that gives a certain amount of sugary taste when you smoke the Marlboro gold cigarettes. The Virginian tobacco is a variant of tobacco that already has a natural sugary flavor added to it.

If we talk about the most dominant flavor that is present in the Marlboro gold cigarettes then, it definitely has to be the Virginian tobacco. With the sweet and candy-like taste of Virginian tobacco flavor, the other complementary flavor is nutty. The Marlboro gold cigarettes also have a nutty flavor. The nutty flavor in the Marlboro gold is driven from the Marlboro cigarettes oriental leaves. These oriental leaves add a hint and aromatic flavor to the nuts and it can be felt and tasted sometimes when you smoke after a gap.

The other variant of the tobacco present in the Marlboro gold cigarettes is the Burley tobacco. The burley tobacco is present in the Marlboro gold cigarettes but it is not very dominant. Such kind or type of tobacco makes the taste of Marlboro gold cigarettes more unnatural. It almost makes you feel as if you are smoking a piece of burnt paper folded into a form of a tube. The overall taste of the Marlboro cigarette is not very harsh or strong.

As I said earlier that the Marlboro gold cigarettes are not suitable for chain smokers. It does not satisfy your need for nicotine or tobacco in just one go. If you are a chain smoker and smoke Marlboro’s gold cigarette then you would have to smoke after every 30 minutes approximately.

Smoking Marlboro gold cigarettes can result in clogging your receptors as well. Once your receptors are completely blocked you will not be able to taste anything. Except for the taste of burning paper and smoke. To avoid this, you need to eat and drink water to feel and taste the Marlboro gold cigarette within your taste buds. Smoking the Marlboro gold cigarettes regularly will make no difference.

If you smoke the Marlboro gold cigarettes you will only clog your receptors. But if you are among those who do not like to smoke regularly then Marlboro gold cigarettes are ideal for you. If you smoke rarely or even occasionally then you will be able to retain your taste buds for the Marlboro gold cigarettes and you will then realize that the taste is still there. I would not recommend these cigarettes to those smokers who like something hard and that hits the throat.

But if you want to give the Marlboro gold cigarettes a try then you can definitely do so. There is no stopping when it comes to trying out other cigarettes. Such ways can give you a better experience of the types and kinds of cigarettes that are available. But do keep in mind that it is not very effective and you might or might not want to give it another try.


The above-mentioned information explains everything that you need to know about the Marlboro gold cigarettes. It also explain that how the Marlboro cigarettes taste like.