Stop War in Ukraine

Stop the War in Ukraine

On 24th February 2022, Ukraine was invaded by the Russian military in an attempt to prevent the former from joining NATO. While tensions have always been high between the two countries, things escalated pretty quickly this year. The world witnessed and continues to witness some of the most devastating conditions as the war heads into its 5th month. A fight between the politicians and political organizations in both countries has turned into direct oppression of the civilians. This includes small children and older people.

Data suggest that at least 17 million people have been displaced from their homes while several have died or been injured. The damage to peoples’ property is unprecedented. Across the world, countries have been protesting against the atrocities implemented by Russia by shouting ‘Stop War in Ukraine.’ There have been several talks between the two countries, but no concrete agreement has been reached as the war continues to destroy lives.

During such difficult times, we stand in solidarity with the strong and brave people of Ukraine who are fighting and resisting with all their might. But unfortunately, the world is witnessing the rate at which civilians and children are dying. Hospitals, schools, and residential areas are being bombed without care for the lives of the innocents. Living in such an environment is impossible, but the sheer strength of the people remaining in Ukraine is remarkable.

The country’s large population of children has suffered the most as they have witnessed their parents or close ones die. They have seen things nobody should ever have to see at that age. They have been displaced and require humanitarian assistance. Many children who have been orphaned are at a high risk as they try to flee the war. Some have also been reported missing due to the large nexus of human traffickers using the situation to traffick innocent children. World organizations like UNICEF are doing great work by collecting money from people worldwide to provide life-saving help to the children in Ukraine and neighboring countries that are equally devastated.

While we want to say it loud and clear that ‘Stop War in Ukraine’, we also wish to do our bit as a company to extend our hand in support of the victims. Our company ‘Cheap Cigarettes’ will give 5% of the profits to the fund for helping the children of Ukraine. This is our way of thanking the people of Ukraine for their resilience and wishing them speedy peace in their country. Corporate organizations that earn big bucks should step in at this hour of need. Profit for individual needs cannot be the goal of human lives when the population of entire countries is at risk and living every day in fear of death.

Reports by UN humanitarians suggest that at least two children die daily in Ukraine due to the war. Children will continue to suffer until negotiations are reached, and a ceasefire is implemented. This does not mean that Ukrainians and the rest of the world have not stepped in to help. Organizations like UNICEF are doing commendable work in the war-torn country by distributing medical and other supplies. The Ukrainian government has launched a cash assistance program that vulnerable families can sign up for. Civilians, both in Ukraine and outside, have donated essential goods for the children. In addition, many countries have been kind enough to welcome millions of Ukrainian refugees to live alongside their own citizens.

At Cheap Cigarettes, we might not be able to donate big bucks, but we want to help in our own way, to the extent possible. This is our way of showing that the people of Ukraine, especially the children, have our complete support, and we sympathize with their situation. Once again, Stop War in Ukraine!